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The Coaching Connection

The purpose of this 1-day workshop is to provide a level of training that will help instructional coaches and other school personnel support the teachers in their school in an effective manner. Research has determined a tremendous need for instructional coaches and other educators to participate in training activities that can help them perform their educational duties. This training will utilize hands-on, active training activities.  

.6 CEUs / 5 SEMIs

Interactive Literacy Workshop for Secondary Students

This workshop will provide secondary educators with best practices for adolescent reading intervention through the implementation of interactive literacy centers, providing a structured approach effective for all students, including those with learning challenges. We will explore the impact of literacy centers on reading proficiency, behavior management, and engagement in the learning process.


During the morning session, the presenters will model the planning, preparation, scaffolding and implementation of two rotations of a variety of literacy centers. In a multi-part simulation, the workshop participants will take on the roles of students rotating through the centers. In the afternoon session, the presenters will guide the workshop participants in the development of their own center activities. After a simulated rotation through the newly-created centers, participants will leave the workshop with completed activities ready for immediate implementation in their classrooms.


CEUs - .7 / SEMI -5 


Cost - $175.00                       Lunch will be provided

King Interactive Literacy June Picture.png

June 25, 2024

Literacy Best Practices: Morphology Basics

Join us as we explore the role that explicit morphology instruction plays in developing word recognition, spelling, pronunciation, oral fluency, vocabulary, and overall reading comprehension for all students, with an emphasis on the needs of older struggling readers. Participants will leave the training with both foundational morphology knowledge and instructional strategies for easy implementation in their classrooms.

    *Morphology is the study of the internal structure of words, or how words are formed from morphemes, which are the smallest meaningful units of meaning. For example, the word "contradiction" can be broken down as "contra-dict-ion", with the prefix "contra-" (against), the root word "dict" (to speak), and the suffix "-ion". 

CEUs - .7 / SEMI -5  


Cost - $175.00                       Lunch will be provided

AIM Mastery ACT Workshops

The AIM workshop is a comprehensive two-day program designed to equip participants with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively prepare students for the ACT exam. Over the course of the workshop, participants will delve into the structure and content of the test, learn proven instructional strategies to enhance student readiness, and gain insights into identifying and recommending ACT test-taking strategies.


Key Highlights of the AIM Workshop:    1.2 CEUs / 5 SEMIs


  • Two-day intensive program (12 hours)   

  • In-depth understanding of ACT structure and content

  • Effective instructional techniques to increase student readiness

  • Identification and recommendation of ACT test-taking strategies

  • Attendees passing the knowledge check will receive an ACT Instructional Mastery badge in the subject area

  • A Catered lunch will be provided on-site

  • Workshop fee $300.00 (Fee to bring this to a school district is over $5,000.00)

Counselor Impact Training

"Counselor Impact" training is an innovative program designed to empower school counselors with the tools and strategies needed to make a meaningful difference in their schools. Through interactive sessions, it teaches counselors how to analyze school data, identify critical issues, and design creative, evidence-based interventions tailored to their unique school environments. Participants will learn not only how to craft interventions that truly resonate with students and staff but also how to communicate their value and impact effectively, ensuring their work is recognized and supported. This training is a roadmap for counselors aiming to elevate their role and enhance student success, blending theory with practical, actionable steps.

Counselor Impact Training Picture 3.jpg

September 30, 2024

.7 CEUs / 5 SEMIs

Decoding the Science Standards / Science and Literacy Training

  • Familiarizes participants with the MS CCRS Science Standards by highlighting the three dimensions of science learning.

  • Participants will decode the standards and objectives, identify core ideas, and develop driving questions for intentional planning.

  • Participants will learn about the differences between content and disciplinary literacy.

  • Participants also will engage with vocabulary and comprehension strategies that can be used in the classroom to build comprehension of science.

  • .7 CEUs / 5 SEMIs 

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