Approved Courses for Psychology Credit


Behavioral Treatments for Children with ADHD: Building a Functional Foundation - Dufrene

Professionalism in the Digital Age - Bennett/Moody

How Does Hattiesburg Clinic Connections Incorporate ADHD Guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics - Shook

Increasing Compliance and Positive Interactions with Children - Morgan

Is a Service Dog the Answer? - Patrolia

Autism: What Not to Think but How to Think About ASD - Yeager

What is Dyslexia Therapy and Who Needs It? - George

Auditory Processing Disorder and ADHD - Swann

Girl Talk: Girls with ADHD and Common Co-existing Disorders - Hamm

Using Artificial Intelligence to Help Executive Function Deficits in ADHD - Kent

Targeted Interventions within Multi-tiered Systems of Service Delivery - Dufrene

Facilitating Friendships: Supporting Development and Learning in Young Children - Westbrook/Briceno

Where are We with the New Normal? - Kent