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Approved Courses for Psychology Credit


Behavioral Treatments for Children with ADHD: Building a Functional Foundation - Dufrene

Complimentary Interventions to Behavioral Therapy and Medication in the Treatment of ADHD - Hamm/Draughn

Utilizing Visual Supports to Enhance Positive Behavior During Daily Transitions - Briceno/Westbrook

How to Maximize Success of ADHD Management - English

It's Not Just for Kids: Impulse Control and Distress Tolerance for Women - Smith

ADHD: The Physical Connection - Felder

What is Dyslexia Therapy and Who Needs It? - George

Turning Off the Active Brain: Clinical Evidence and Treatment Options in the Treatment of ADHD - Hamilton

The Reality of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder - Hamm

Emotional Impulsivity - Morgan

The Why, the How, and the What: Mediation's Role in Helping Children and Adolescents with ADHD - Shook

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